Care Instructions

Should your Ginger Bed need some cleaning, follow these instructions to keep it looking great. To wash the outer cover, unzip and remove the inner cushions. Be sure to zip the outer covers closed prior to washing. If you have purchased our optional PeePee Covers and those need cleaning also, remove that as well and zip them closed.

Our outer covers and PeePee Covers should only be washed in cold water using the gentle cycle. Due to varying temperatures in most dryers, we strongly recommend not using your dyer, but line drying all covers after washing.

Should your cushions need cleaning, we only recommend washing them in front loading washers. Top loading washers with a center post can damage the cushions so we strongly recommend not using this type of washer. If you are able to wash your cushions, we recommend washing them in cold water using the gentle cycle. As with our covers, we recommend line drying all cushions.